This summer is looking a lot different from the last. Life is pretty much back to normal for us on the islands . But with the pandemic still raging and our islands still closed to international travel, its time to make those Cayman staycation plans. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are great options for those desperate for that plane ride experience. However our main island of Grand Cayman has options galore. With more hotels opening in preparation for the island returning to receiving international travelers we are spoilt for choice.

‘We live where you vacation’ is a term often used on Instagram posts. But prior to the pandemic not many residents actually practiced this. To be honest, it can be difficult to get into vacay mode when home is just 15 mins away. However times have changed! So, if you are on the fence, here are my top tips on how to get the most out of your Cayman staycation.

Cayman staycation - Beach views

A staycation can be just as good as traveling. However, this can be tricky for an island our size where home is less than 15minites away. Or your co-workers still have access to you. However this can really work if you switch your mindset and outlook. One of my best Cayman staycations was at The Marriott, all of 5 mins from home! And the best part is I never used my car the whole stay.

1. Establish A Budget

A staycation means you will be staying local and thus saving on airfares. But depending on where your choose to stay or the package offered by your hotel, your costs can add up pretty quickly. It is important to decide what type of staycation you will be taking. Do you want a luxury vacation or a more budget friendly stay. Also, what does a staycation mean for you? Perhaps you want a staycation where you can get all your meals on site. The benefit is a truly stress free staycation. Personally I like to try different local restaurants that I wouldn’t normally eat at.

2. Pack Carefully

To truly get that vacation feeling you want to ban all thoughts of home from your head. So pack carefully for your staycation to avoid the temptation to drive home for an essential item. I’m having flashbacks of having to drive home for eye drops on one of my staycations. This is also not the time to plan to have your car serviced or take that make dentist appointment. Remember you are on vacation, so try to leave your real life behind for the duration of your staycation.

3. Make An Itinerary For Your Cayman Staycation

This is the perfect opportunity to truly live like a tourist and enjoy your surroundings. You can plan for activities you wouldn’t normally do in your daily life. For example, a tennis lesson with a pro at the hotel or a rum tour at the island’s distillery.

If you are staying with kids, be sure to check that your hotel has lots of activities to keep them busy. Also take advantage of child care offerings so you can have some alone adult time.

4. Make your Cayman Staycation Memorable

Your memories will live with you for a long time so make some great ones. Maximize family time, play board games, read or have movie marathons. Try to incorporate activities that interests you and your party.

The most important thing is to make your Cayman staycation your own. That might mean a few days of unplugging from your job or business to do absolutely nothing. Only you know what your needs are, and how to meet them.

In Closing

With the year we are having, we all deserve a break to replenish our souls and our bodies. This is truly a time to make lemonade from our pandemic lemons. This is our second year in the lockdown and I am excited for the new hotels that are reopening for staycations.

I am curious, what are your staycation plans for the rest of the year? Are you thinking of taking a long break or a few short breaks to sample the different hotel offerings?

I love hearing your feedback and tips are always welcomed as I too plan for my upcoming staycation here on Grand Cayman.

Cayman staycation - Beach lounge