Whew, Christmas is 10 days away, where did the year go?  If you are not a last-minute Lucy, by now you would have been considering what gift to get your loved ones for Christmas.  But living on an expensive island can make this extra challenging, not to mention budget restrictions.  In addition, we are now feeling the effects of the labour shortage brought on by the pandemic.  But for the last-minute Lucy’s, it’s time to get creative.  So, here is a list of some last-minute gift ideas money can’t buy.  Your loved ones will think you planned this all along.

When it comes to gift giving budget and time are two big things to take into consideration.  But some of the best gifts are usually the ones money can’t buy.  You can achieve the desired effect without breaking bank.

1. Make your own gift

If you have a specific talent, then you can utilize this to make something unique and one of a kind for your loved one.  For example, I enjoy baking and a lot of my friends like black cake.  So, for Christmas my local based friends can count on getting Christmas Black Cake from me.

Handmade gifts are priceless because it’s hard to quantify the time and dedication to make it.  Your loved one will appreciate the gift even more because they know all the effort that went into making it.  But don’t forget to make it presentable 😊

2. Give the gift of time

They say time is money and what better way to give than giving of your time.    This is such a personal and valuable gift, especially in the fast pace world that we live in. So spend some time thinking about how the person likes to spend their time and come up with something that they will appreciate.

3. Start a new tradition

This may require a bit of convincing depending on what it is.   But all great traditions started with the first activity. If its something you are passionate about you can convince your friend or family member(s) its worth starting with an intention to make it a yearly occurrence.

However, giving the gift of an activity can naturally morph into a tradition organically.  You don’t necessarily need to be intentional about making the gift a tradition if you give from your heart. 

4. Recreate Memories

Have a fun memory with an old friend? Perhaps and activity or something you haven’t done in a long time? Now is a great time to recreate those memories and maybe add some new ones in the process. There can be lots of joy in the simple things. The ones that bring genuine happiness that no money can buy.

5. Give the gift of an experience

This final gift may cost some money to execute but it doesn’t have to.  You can always find something new to do or add a new spin to something old.  Experience ideas that cost nothing or very little money can include checking out a new exhibit at your local gallery.  This unique gift not only combines an experience and your time, but it has the makings of becoming a tradition.

Final thoughts on getting last minute gift ideas

Sometimes we place so much emphasis and tearing open a physical gift that the true meaning of the season can get lost. Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy tearing open a nicely wrapped gift. However, getting any of these gift ideas this Christmas would bring me as much or even more joy. These gift ideas do not need to be last minute, but can be part of a great plan, so don’t snooze on them.

But whatever you do decide on, Have a wonderful Christmas . Thanks for rocking with me for the past 6 months. That is the best gift I’ve received so far this year!