About Charmaine

Hi! I’m Charmaine and welcome to my blog “Life and Home with Charms”.  I am a Jamaican national, recently relocated to the Cayman Islands via Bermuda.  I work full-time in Finance and part-time designing and building websites, apps, and providing SEO management for SMEs. 

My three loves are tennis, cooking and entertaining.

About Life and Home with Charms

Life and Home with Charms (LHC) is a journal of my experiences building a life and home in the Caribbean.  Moving back to the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands in particular, was a big adjustment for me and there were so many things I wish I knew before relocating.  When creating LHC, my hope is to provide inspiration through my experiences while providing tips on how I am navigating life and making a home here.

If you are new to The Cayman Islands or contemplating a move, then I hope you will find this space useful as I share on a weekly basis updates on my Caribbean lifestyle.  Providing helpful information that may or may not be specific to the islands but in general are part of the Caribbean life.


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