Little Cayman, the capital of cool. The pace is unhurried from the laissez-faire check-in at Grand Cayman to your arrival at the Edward Bodden Little Cayman Airfield. Its a quick 30 minute, surprisingly smooth ride on Cayman Airways Express to get here. But the million dollar question before coming was. What will this busy body do on an island that is synonymous for relaxation? You guessed it, she is going to slow down, or at least try!

Come for the relaxation, you won’t be disappointed. There’s just something about this place that makes you slow down. The island itself is about 10 miles long. It is not walkable, but there are lots of transportation options. There is a local car rental agency and the hotels usually have Bicycles you can borrow. Or you can choose to rent a scooter. Life on the Little Cayman is centered around its main town, Blossom Village. There is the airstrip, a shopping village with a well stocked supermarket, liquor store and bank. You will also find a souvenir shop and the only gas station.

There are 3 main hotels on the island and lots of condos and Airbnb’s to choose from. We stayed at one of the hotels, Paradise Villas where the service from first enquiry to check-out was superb. Clean rooms, delicious meals at the Hungry Iguana and fresh coconuts from Shane. Thanks Mark and team for your kind hospitality and see you again soon!

Point of Sand Beach = Relaxation

Nothing describes relaxation for me like a day at the beach with a good book. Eat, swim, read. Repeat. Point of Sand Beach is located on the easterly most part of the island and a 15 min drive from ‘town’. We drive slower here as the Sister Islands Rock Iguanas have right of way. And you need to be prepared to stop quickly for them to cross the road. Think Seven Mile Beach without the expanse of beach chairs. Just an open stretch of beach that goes on seemingly forever. I tried walking the stretch and gave up for a another quick dip into the ocean.

Everything and Nothing

Little Cayman is more than just a relaxed stay. The local folk love the slower pace of life, and the unhurried pace grows on you. If you are looking for solitude, this is the place for you. Neighbours a far and few between. Talk about peace of mind. But a busy body like myself needs more than a relaxing day at the Point of Sand Beach. And for those days there is everything to do from under water or above land.

For my like minded friends, dare I suggest an early morning walk along the village street? Greet the sunrise and check out the largest colony of red-footed Boobies in the Caribbean? I promise the ‘mozzys’ are not out that early! And, if you are serious about sunrise, a drive down to the East End Point Lighthouse is your best vantage point to watch it rise above the water.

Under Water Life

Little Cayman is best known for its world famous dive sites, Bloody Bay and Jackson’s Bight. However, there is plenty to see on the water’s surface. Back to Point of Sand, the place I found the best of nothing and everything. It wasn’t the most recommended snorkel spot due to the dangerous currents. But if you are a strong swimmer then you can start at the top and just drift in the direction of the tide. And there is plenty to see, so look out for sharks. There are other great snorkel locations to see and you could hop onto one of the dive boats if they have spare capacity to one of the other famous dive sites.

Little Cayman, Your Concierge Island

What is the epitome of island living? Let me start, your local police station operates by appointment! If you turn up at the station with a matter and the only policeman on duty is not there. He is just a phone call away! Actually, you might be better served just to call to get his location. Everyone seems to know everyone’s numbers. If you turn up at the Museum outside of the posted hours, no worries. A phone call to Tania and you can book a private visit. Did I tell you, I love it here?!

It Gets Busy Here

There is actually a bustling nightlife, definitely nothing to rival ‘Little Vegas’ as the locals refer to the faster pace on The Brac. But it seems everyone makes the rounds to the ‘Iggy’, The Hungry Iguana Restaurant and Bar during the week. The weekend comes alive with Karaoke at the Little Cayman Beach Resort followed by late night drinks and dancing at Kingston Bight Beach Bar.

Kingston Bight is where I shine. The staff and guests know my nationality by my rhythmic dance moves to sweet reggae music. And to all my fellow Jamaicans who denounce my dancing skills, what do you have to say for yourselves now?! LOL

The Nature Trail

The nature trail is fairly well maintained and is less than a mile one way. Pretty easy trek in and out. I surprised myself after the feasting that took place by the mozzys at the Mastic Trail in Grand Cayman. However the adventurer in me could not pass up the opportunity to take a walk through nature. The trail is also located on lands designated for the rock iguanas.

Little Cayman’s Points of Interest

Other points of interest for exploration around the island are the Central Caribbean Marine Institute. The Research Center offers tours on Friday afternoons, however, tours can be arranged outside these hours if you call. In the village is the Little Cayman Museum, The Little Cayman Baptist Church, which is always open. Love bird watching? Then the The National Trust House is the best spot on island for bird viewing. Their viewing platform is equipped with binoculars and is always open.

Island Hopping

Just when you thought, there is nothing left to see or do, I present to you Owen Island. Here’s another opportunity to do nothing or everything. Swim, Paddleboard or Kayak your way over for a leisurely day of relaxation. You can swim or hike around the island, and even pick fresh coconuts! Don’t forget to pack your lunch or a snack, it is easy to spend hours here.

We are curious…..

Have you been to Little Cayman? On your bucket list? Would love to hear about it! I had a whale of a time and cannot wait to return.